Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hello Mudda, Hello Fatah

Fatah operative Muhammad Shehadi, suspected mastermind of last week's Yeshiva murders, assumed ambient temperature today after a brief encounter with an unspecified number of "IDF forces." Fatah and PA leader Mahmoud Abbas denounced Israel's action as a "barbaric holocaust...perpetrated against our people, our women and children in Gaza." Fatah's primary benefactor, the U.S. State Dept, could not be reached for comment (ok, I made that up).

Congratulations IDF--you rock!

Update: Ynet describes Shehadi as a member of Islamic Jihad who used to be a Fatah member.


Gary said...

That's some pretty good shootin' there. Bravo IDF!

Neal5x5 said...

Yeah, he "used to be" linked to Fatah in the same way he "used to be" alive. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

The fact that there's just bulletholes in his windsheild tells me that the IDF was concerned about collateral damage and decided against using a missile. This is, of course, a consideration the newly deceased would never have made when planning his murders.

CJ said...

IDF - Israelis Dropkickin' F-heads (including this guy... who will be forced to wear a turban that resembles a cartoon bomb for the rest of eternity in hell).

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

fuck the Israeli Death Force

the zionists deserve not ONE IOTA of our empathy or sympathies. they are a cruel and heartless people, totally devoid of any egalitarian morality.

if an israel dies, OMG WTF!!!

an arab? aw, these things happen.

fuck israel, i hope they all get the plague and die, it would be natural justice.

this is zionism:

(i got shit loads more proof of these fuckers, google "operation suzannah" for one tiny example)

laters, zionist sympathisers. shame on you for your pathetic ignorance about israel and for your lack of humanity in supporting the murdering fascisti..

Dr. Jeff said...

Considering the "sweet enlightenment" shown by B's published post, I can only surmise what the deleted one looked like. The only times I ever hear such hateful rhetoric are when I listen to the rantings of the Palestinians. After 60 years, most of them spent locked in ARAB concentration camps and fed hate and violence, they are the rabid dogs of the Arab world.

No Arab country will allow them to own land. Especially after they declared war on the Jordanian King after he tried to show them mercy. Look up Black September. Jordan killed an awful lot of Palestinians in the process of bringing them under control. Being thoroughly whipped seems to be the only thing Palestinians really understand.

Lebanon made the mistake of treating them like human beings. Their thank you was to start a war that destroyed a peaceful country.

The biggest problem is that the Israelis have shown so much restraint. The Palestinians just don't respect the concepts of mercy, honor or kindness. Napalming the Gaza strip and a good chunk of the West Bank would probably workn, but the Israelis are much too civilized to do it.

The Big H said...

Whenever I see a comment like B´s above, I wonder what is the point. Does this guy just want to express hate? Ok, I get it, he hates Israelis. So, what is his horse in the race. Is he Arab?

Other than that, most of what he says is a rant or it is untrue. Israelis are fascists? The last I heard they had elections. This guy must not know what a fascist is.

The IDF is a death force? I would hope so. I hope that all the armies of Western Civilization do a good job of killing. That way all the ignorant individuals out there that want to kill innocent civilians will think twice. Sometimes a bullet will work wonders when people need to get to a peaceful solution.

The other thing I notice about these idiots is that they always cry about someone killing someone else, but then they wish that demonic furies would rise up from the depths of hell and drag off the object of their hate into some dark nether region where they will spend eternity doing a slow roast. Hypocrites. I am more honest. If I see some evil slime that deserves to be shot to pieces, I am going to say, that is an evil slime that needs to be shot into little pieces, such as the recipient of the tight pattern above

Anonymous said...

...and then we can collect all the little pieces and JUMP on them!

Anonymous said...

Check the link.
scientific proof the second biggest death camp never existed.
no foolin'
The raghead muslims are only the second biggest assholes on the planet.
The Jews have them beat all hollow.

A pox on both their houses.
Let them kill each other while we stay home and watch on the tv..........

Anonymous said...

one small problem BIG H, the jews have no part in western civ, they are levantine, they are of the same genetic strain as the arabs.